🤨What Is The Puff-Pal? 🤔

The Puff-Pal is the Worlds Greatest Roach Clip for three reasons: it saves your fingers from burns but also prevents wasted smokable medicine, it’s very durable while remaining inexpensive, and finally, it’s just really easy to use!

The Puff-Pal is completely flame resistant metal, so it won’t melt if you accidentally place it in fire or burn it. The barrel of the Puff-Pal hides 3 'teeth' or tines, these are extracted by pressing the top of the Puff-Pal down.

By pressing down on the top ("the plunger") the spring-loaded tines will extend out the bottom and open up. Simply put in your pre-roll or cigarette, then let go the plunger for the teeth to partially retract. It now has a firm grip on your material, and you no longer have to use your fingertips to hold your smokable medicine.

But it doesn’t stop there. There are 7 different uses, making this the Medical Multi-Tool for smokers.

NOTE: The Puff-Pal is intended only for legal substances in your area.

#7 "Stay High Keep Dry"

Ever spill a drink on your pre-roll? Now you can keep it High 'n Dry.

Clip it into your Puff-Pal and the weighted back base can hold it upright.

#6 "The Mesh Molder"

The Back Piece is rounded to mold 14mm screens, simply bend screen around the back piece to make a perfect bowl shape every time

Flip it around to The Front Tip to make tight cone shaped screens you can put in your Bats or Chillums! Prevents flower debris in teeth

Covers Big & Small screen usage All-In-1! Using screens prevents blowback flower material from getting into mouth while inhaling.

#5 "The Pack-A-Bowl"

The Back Piece is weighted and will pack 14/16/18mm bowls & pipes

The Front Tip can pack smaller items like Bats, Cones, & Chillums

Again a two-for-one special device covers big and small jobs!

#4 "The Bud Grabber"

The Puff-Pal picks up flower (CBD, etc) buds inside tight-spaced dugouts, avoid turning upside down and spilling the contents.

Another trick is an unbroken bud clutched in the flameproof metal of Puff-Pal & hit it with a direct flame... start a hotbox sesh!

#3 "The Ash Scratcher"

Dirty pipes or chillums? Don't use your fingernails! It'll look like dirt or grease that is hard to remove; it’s tar residue & that stinks!

Let your Puff-Pal do the dirty work! Depress Puff-Pal to expose the tines, then rotate back & forth to scrape clean Bats, Pipes & Chillums

#2 "The Tippity Tapper"

Save your lighter (everyone knows smokers have the coolest lighters... so don't scratch 'em up!)

The weighted back tip of the Puff-Pal is the worlds best tapper. Clean out your pipes & bowls with ease!

#1 "The World's Greatest Roach Clip"

The Puff-Pal is a go-to choice for people with arthritis needing a way to hold their smokable medicine.

It's also a great multi-tool that should be in everybody's stash drawer. Be the MacGyver of your crew!

Get A Puff-Pal because... "No matter how hard it gets to hold, you can always make a fist!"

👉Some Reasons to Get Your Puff-Pall👈

A finger-saving and burn prevention tool

A cool toy to show off at parties & get-togethers

A great gift idea for hard-to-buy-for friends & family

The best multi-tool for those who partake smokable medicine

What Are You Waiting For?

So you've seen how it works, how well it works, and all the fabulous additional uses for The Puff-Pal.

Maybe you're thinking it's worth it? Should I get it?

Well, how about if we throw in a bonus?

For a limited time, every Puff-Pal comes with a FREE Digital Dank Decal from the goofy team at H-Med.biz